Rio de Janeiro Board Game

Created by the journalist Luiz André Alzer, the game “Desafio Carioca” (Carioca’s Challenge) is a funny way to test how much you know about Rio de Janeiro.  The game can be played by 6 people. On the board 20 postcards, 10 beaches and 6 regions of Rio (Tijuca, Barra, Downtown and the South, North and West […]

News from Iguazu Falls

You have two more reasons visit Iguazu Falls: Dreamland’s Wax Museum and Dinosaurs’ Valley. Both are amazing places and have an incredible similarity with reality! Let’s read more about them: Dreamland’s Wax Museum: – The museum shows in real size national and international celebrities made of wax.  The similarity to a real person is impressive.  […]

Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree’s Inauguration 2014

The year is coming to its end and with it Rio’s biggest Christmas symbol: Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree (also called by the “Cariocas” as the Lagoon’s Christmas Tree). Its inauguration is always a big party, and this year’s edition is set for November 29th at 8pm. The 19th edition’s tree them will be “Light’s Christmas” […]

Canoa Quebrada’s Beach

  Canoa Quebrada’s Beach is located near Fortaleza, in Aracati’s county. Being the tourists’ sweetheart, the scenery mixes the beautiful beach with the different tones of cliffs. For a final touch in the scenery, Dragão do Mar street, or, Broadway, is a great program for after the a day at the beach. Discovered in the […]

Amazon Theater

After 17 years under construction, in December 31st, 1896, the most important construction in Manaus was inaugurated. Located downtown, in Largo de São Sebastião, the Amazon Theater was thought since the beginning to be a great and lush monument. With the capacity of 700 places divided between the audience and 3 cabin floors, the theater […]

Pedra Bonita Hiking

For those who like a good adventure and appreciate beautiful views, Pedra Bonita’s hiking is a perfect tour. The trail is recommended even for beginners, since it is considered easy with approximately 45 minutes duration until you reach the free flight ramp. When you get there you will appreciate one of the most incredible views […]

Botanic Garden – Rio de Janeiro

Founded in July 13th, 1808 by the King D. João VI, Rio’s Botanic Garden is the biggest one in Brazil. It is a great destination for the ones who appreciate nature and ideal for relaxing walk, to read a book or just have a great family time. A big diversity of national and international plants […]


Paraná State’s capital is a city where modernity and history lives in perfect harmony. Tourism also plays a big part and to help visitors, Curitiba offers a special bus line that takes people to 25 touristic spots. Curitiba is often compared to European cities for many factors: weather, effective system of public transportation and green […]

Brazilian Handcraft

Brazilian handcraft is world knows for its beauty. Is a part of folklore and transmits costumes, tradition and features of Brazilian regions where they are made. Classified as decorative items or utility, they are denominated handicraft since the artists are ordinary people who lives of this work. Some of the most famous Brazilian craft works […]

Gramado’s Light Christmas

In October 30th starts Gramado’s 29th “Light Christmas”. This is the biggest Christmas event in Brazil with an audience near 1.5 millions people. In 1986, Gramado needed to find a way to attract more tourists since the city had a big demand only during the winter (July). For that reason Light Christmas event was organized and soon […]

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