Paraná State’s capital is a city where modernity and history lives in perfect harmony. Tourism also plays a big part and to help visitors, Curitiba offers a special bus line that takes people to 25 touristic spots. Curitiba is often compared to European cities for many factors: weather, effective system of public transportation and green […]

Brazilian Handcraft

Brazilian handcraft is world knows for its beauty. Is a part of folklore and transmits costumes, tradition and features of Brazilian regions where they are made. Classified as decorative items or utility, they are denominated handicraft since the artists are ordinary people who lives of this work. Some of the most famous Brazilian craft works […]

Gramado’s Light Christmas

In October 30th starts Gramado’s 29th “Light Christmas”. This is the biggest Christmas event in Brazil with an audience near 1.5 millions people. In 1986, Gramado needed to find a way to attract more tourists since the city had a big demand only during the winter (July). For that reason Light Christmas event was organized and soon […]

Children’s Day Trip

Children’s Day is knocking at the door and the best way to enjoy this date in a different way is traveling! We selected four regions with good attractions for kids and also for the parents:  Snowland. – Porto Alegre:  Gramado & Canela are two little charming cities located in the mountain region. We recommend four great […]

Oktoberfest – 2014

October is the month of the most popular German party in Brazil: “Oktoberfest”, in city of Blumenau, Santa Catarina. In this 31st edition, the event will happen from October 8th until the 26th. Oktoberfest from Blumenau is the second biggest in the world, in 2013 there were 451.523 people in the event. The biggest one […]

Pink October – 2014

October is the breast cancer awareness month.  Inspired by the pink loop, symbol of the campaign, the month was nominated Pink October. In 1990, the first run dedicated to breast cancer happened in New York. With time, other countries, as well as Brazil, made the same. Here the  will be in October 4th.It all begun in the […]

The Winter Charming from Gramado and Canela

Located in mountain region of Porto Alegre, Gramado and Canela are amazing destinations to enjoy Brazilian winter. Colonized by European and with a different climate from the rest of the country, it is possible to even see snow if you get lucky! Among the many attractions, both cities have some big events during the year. The […]

Fortaleza’s Beauties

Fortaleza is one of the most visited tourist regions in Brazil. A tropical city with  many beautiful beach, delicious local food and a fun night life. Local cuisine is mostly seafood. To eat the best crab there is even a special day: Thursday. But just like any other place in the Northeast region of Brazil, […]

Oscar Niemeyer Museum’s Expositions – Curitiba

Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) in Curitiba promotes many expositions and Tripin Tour chose two of them to tease you on visiting the place! Plumária – Big art from the Brazilian Indigenous: the exposition gets the visitor in touch with Brazil’s history, indigenous culture and the past. With Ana Itália Paraná Mariano curation, the exposition have […]

New 7 Wonders of Nature

New7Wonders of Nature was an initiative started in 2007 to create a list of seven natural wonders chosen by people through a global poll. Led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber and organized by the New7Wonders Foundation, a Swiss-based foundation, the initiative followed the earlier New7Wonders of the World campaign that attracted 100 million votes from around […]

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